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Do you like a good story? I thought so. I like them too. That is why I love words and the use of words, because words make up stories. Good stories are the primordial form of human communication. Itís the way we document our lives, share information with one another, convey our passions, exercise our imaginations and record our history. A good story will live far longer then the author who gave it life. Thatís heavy and philosophical, but I like the symmetry.

A good story is like a can of sardines. Dense, packed with the ďmeatĒ of writing: a strong storyline, a plot with perfect tempo and pace, three-dimensional characters who speak believable dialogue and enough description to put you right into the setting. Itís a little oily, too, with just enough lubrication to make things slip and slide a tad, to keep the reader guessing and wonder if thereís another surprise in store. One can ease into a good story, as uncomplicated as opening up a tin can. And it lasts; a good story has a long shelf life, like that can of sardines.

A good story holds such fascination for me that I began writing them to find out if I could do it. Iíve been telling stories since the age of nine, ever since I picked up my first Nancy Drew mystery and decided that I should be able to write as well as Carolyn Keene. A bit of hubris there, since Iíve learned, over time, that writing is a fickle process. But once in a while, a good story comes out of it.

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